Corporate Edge – Developing Business Acumen

Financial Management

Enabling managers from all disciplines to make business decisions with a clearer understanding of their financial impact on the business

Business Cashflows Creating Shareholder Value Using Financial Information Measuring Financial Performance Costing & Pricing Forecasting & Budgeting Investment Appraisal

Creating Shareholder Value

  • Define & measure shareholder value
  • Align shareholder value to operating activities
  • Identify value creation strategies
  • Avoiding value destruction
  • Evaluate strategic options

Using Financial information

  • Understand financial language and jargon
  • Interpret financial statements
  • Reading management reports

Measuring Financial Performance

  • Apply ratio analysis tools
  • Measure profitability, liquidity and financial performance
  • Benchmark business unit performance

Costing & Pricing

  • Measure product or customer profitability
  • Interpret cost structures
  • Evaluate break even points and risk levels
  • Implement winning pricing strategies

Forecasting & Budgeting

  • Create business plans
  • Prepare a sound budget
  • Forecast in an uncertain world
  • Analyse causal factors and variances

Investment Appraisal

  • Create a robust proposal
  • Evaluate options
  • Identify relevant cash flows
  • Measure financial impact of decisions
  • Assess risk
  • Apply DCF techniques (inc. NPV, IRR and payback)
  • Perform sensitivity analysis