Corporate Edge – Developing Business Acumen

Business Modelling

The key to understanding the potential of a business proposition is to construct a business model; only by developing assumptions, applying scenarios, testing options can the real value be explored and evaluated. The development of strategy and project plans all being aided by this virtual reality that enhances confidence in the outcome of their implementation.

Writing business models


To support our learning events and for operational use in the business, we build models that enable those in the business to explore potential outcomes. These models commonly use scroll bar tools that enable key assumptions to be varied and their impact instantly identified.

An example is for branch managers of a retail chain where we built a virtual model of a branch enabling the managers to enter their real branch performance data and build development plans for the next two years. The model supported the training by illustrating the effect of actions that can be taken in the branch as well providing a tool that managers can take away after the training to continue applying their learning in the work place.

For a telecommunications company we have build a model to explore the profitability of their mobile phone packages. The model can evaluate the profit impact of bundling initial and ongoing incentives. The key is to offer services which have high perceived value by the customer yet are low cost to provide.

Examples of these models and many more can be provided.