Corporate Edge – Developing Business Acumen

Business Simulations

Developing real business understanding in a competitive environment by running a simulation of your business, managing the relationships between functions and delivering on key performance measures.

Using real financial information

Management Reports

  • Profit & loss accounts
  • Cashflow statements
  • Balance sheets
  • Notes
  • Key financial performance ratios (inc. EVA, ROCE, etc.)
  • Share price data
  • Market information (including competitor information)

…to manage real world variables

Business Environment

  • Economic cycle
  • Inflation rates*
  • Bank base rates*
  • Interest rates*
  • GDP changes
  • Tax rates

Market Conditions

  • Up to 20 different markets
  • Degree of saturation*
  • Responsiveness to types of marketing investment
  • Responsiveness to investment in research & development
  • Sales take up levels*
  • Price elasticity
  • Number of competitors

* Fluctuate in line with prevailing economic conditions

…making real business decisions

Management Decisions


  • Take on specific responsibilities
  • Plan recruitment & staffing levels
  • Agree salary rates & policies

Financing & Strategy

  • Determine business strategy
  • Raise or redeem equity capital
  • Raise or repay debt capital
  • Buy or sell fixed assets
  • Manage working capital
  • Manage cash resources

Sales / Marketing

  • Determine selling prices
  • Enter new markets
  • Investment in different types of marketing
  • Contract bidding


  • Determine product costs
  • Set production levels
  • Set operating capacity
  • Invest in Research & Development