Corporate Edge – Developing Business Acumen

Strategy & Planning

Reconciling the needs of your markets to your resources, in a changing world, to determine the direction and scope needed to achieve success of your organisation and meet the needs of your stakeholders.

Strategy and Planning Strategic Positioning Making Strategic Choices Strategy into Action

Strategic Positioning

Understanding your business environment

  • Analysing the macro-environment
  • Industry or sector analysis
  • Cycles of competition
  • Defining strategic groups
  • Assessing organisational capability
  • Market segmentation

Expectations and purpose

  • Setting Strategic objectives
  • Defining stakeholder requirements
  • Shareholder value

Establishing strategic capability

  • Defining what customers value
  • Strategic capability
  • Determining critical success factors
  • Resources for competitive advantage

Making Strategic Choices

Setting strategic objectives

  • The value of mission statements, core values and objectives
  • Aligning business objectives with Corporate strategy
  • Critical success factors
  • Prioritising actions

Identify bases for competitive advantage

  • Priced based strategies
  • Differentiation strategies
  • Focus strategies
  • Sustaining competitive advantage

Scenario modelling

  • Principles of robust modelling
  • Dealing with assumptions
  • Gaming theory
  • risk analysis

Strategy Into Action

Managing Change

  • Setting objectives
  • GAP analysis

Enabling & Organising

  • Prioritising objectives
  • Planning and budgeting

Developing Pricing Strategies

  • Market or formula driven options
  • Alignment to product life cycle